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Reconnect To Your Inner Compass —

Based on the The Next Right Step life coaching framework, the ‘Roots of Resilience’

The 3 Things That Can Help You Level Up in Life and Work

Identify what needs attention in your life, learn how to find confidence within yourself, better understand self-sabotage, and start feeling in control again, even during a global pandemic.

What You'll Learn —

Why you’re looking in the wrong places to build your self-belief and confidence

What self-sabotage looks like when it comes to your planning and execution

How to identify the various parts of your life that most need your time and attention for you to thrive (spoiler alert, you’re likely overworked and need more rest)

You’ll do all this by learning the basics of the The Next Right Step framework so you can build an intentional, abundant, healthy, well-rounded and impactful life for yourself. 

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Walk Away Feeling —



With a new sense of clarity of how you can begin to build positive momentum in the areas of your life that are most important to you 



Equipped with the knowledge to begin building that inner confidence you’ve been searching for externally



To make plans that support your goals and dreams without having to compromise your well-being in the process 

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Your Webinar Experience —

A workbook to refer back to your key takeaways about planning, flow, and purpose from the webinar

A guided meditation with Komal, rooted in envisioning your goals and dreams for work and wellness

5-days of unlimited access to the replay

An invitation to continue working with Komal and the Train with Komal community to take your life, planning, and your confidence to the next level

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Meet Your Guide —

Komal  Minhas

Hi! I’m Komal. I’m an interviewer, educator, investor and podcast host dedicated to helping you rise through adversity and celebrate your success and impact so you can show up more fully for the life you want and deserve.

I produced a documentary film, Dream, Girl (2016) , about female entrepreneurs that landed me on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100 list, I’ve interviewed the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, in front of an audience of thousands for her Canadian stadium tour, created a top-rated podcast about our Lessons Learned in life, and have built a profitable resilience education company online.

I’m proud of what I’ve been able to achieve in my life, but all of these ‘highs’, didn’t come in the absence of ‘lows’...

The same year that I premiered my documentary film at the White House, I was diagnosed with a very rare form of skin cancer. A few months later, I suffered a neurological illness that forced me to leave my start-up and relocate my life in a matter of days.

Amidst all of the chaos, I have managed to overcome these illnesses, rebuild my life, and lead an impact-driven career by continuing to show up for myself, day in and day out.

Now, I am teaching you to do the same, no matter where you’re at in your life at the moment.


If you are wondering how this webinar can help you make impactful changes in your life and reach your goals

Here is what my former students have to say about The Komal Effect, and the power of what I teach in this Webinar...

"Super grateful for connecting with so many great women and super grateful for Komal Minhas (and the community) for giving me more clarity in one weekend than I’ve had in an extremely long time. 

The love, support, and warmth from people I didn’t know two days ago feels surreal.

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JEANINE I. gained a community

"Your work is truly beautiful and inspiring. It’s amazing to see a fellow person of colour thriving in an environment that is not set up for us.

Your storytelling is magical. Thanks for inspiring the young Indian dreamer in me!


"Your podcast has already given me so much strength in the last few months. I can relate to so many different aspects of what you’re sharing and showing up to, so thank you!

It’s so incredibly true; we’re all experiencing *something*. Your community holds so much space.

Ananya FOUND Strength in being seen

The Komal Effect —